Thursday, April 23, 2009

Baby Stellan and Prayers

I am not sure how I first heard of Baby Stellan... I think it has been over a year now. I pray for this baby daily. I love to look at pictures of his brothers and sister. I pray for his mother and father. I feel that I could be "best friends" with his mother. I probably have prayed more for this baby than I have for my own children. I probably have prayed more for this mother than any other woman I know. The thing about that is I don't really know them. If Stellan saw me, he would see a STRANGER. If his mother passed me at the grocery store, she would not even glance my direction unless my kids were throwing a fit (which I am sure they never do in a store). You might be a bit confused now... I have been a bit perplexed about it myself... but you see God isn't.

There is a woman named Jennifer McKinney who lived somewhere (I can't even remember the state since she calls it the Frozen Tundra most of the time - Minnesota) who started a blog about her family. People know her as MckMama. She used to use her children's names... but she switched them out to protect their privacy to be known as "Big Mac", "MckNuggett" and "Small Fry" - but the baby's real name is Stellan. Stellan has a story - he was not supposed to live according to the medical world... but God had a plan. God gave Stellan life in his mother's womb, and chose to continue his life in this Earth. He is a miracle... and over 10 million times have people clicked on his mommy's blog to read about his life... Yes, I did say 10 million. He has also made the news... several times.

So, a baby not expected to live... lives. So, a baby supposed to have heart problem... doesn't.... for months... then, SURPRISE he does. It was no surprise to God... so, each one of these curious 10 million glances into their life... let's think a small percentage prays and asks God for mercy on this family for this baby to live... and he lives... and he has major surgery to try to stop his heart problems... and he lives... but he is not "fixed" yet... but he is living....

And his mother... she is telling the story as best she can... with humor, compassion, a bit of rough language (well, don't we all get angry and upset), and best of all, she tells us and shows us and gives an example of God's faithfulness... God's love... and God has used this story to reveal bits of himself to us all... so I pray... I continue to pray for these "strangers" ... but I am really praying for my sister in Christ... and a baby that I love a lot. And I pray for the Daddy that is not with the baby in the hospital... and the boys who miss their mommy while she is with their baby brother in the hospital... and the little baby girl that misses her mommy while she is gone...

MckMama posted about prayers... on April 22 - "Why Bother Praying?" with so many praying... we all wonder "is God listening? Is God going to do another miracle and heal his heart?" We want the MIRACLE... the MIRACLE of a healed heart with a baby that goes home with his mommy.... we want the Hallmark card... but God he wants the Masterpiece... I believe God is using this baby and his family to teach all of us readers and those that come to know them about him... Stellan is a miracle, because 10 million times people have checked on him to see what GOD IS DOING with this baby and this family. This family is ALL ABOUT GOD and this baby is FROM GOD.

When Squash had his surgery, I craved and really wanted people to pray for him... and I was faced with the same questions... Will our prayers make a difference? Will it help to have MORE people praying? Will the prayers of my innocent children touch God's heart MORE than mine or another adult? I thought of all the negative things that could go WRONG during surgery or post operation. I realize though that I have no more control of my sweet baby's life on the day of surgery than I do right now as he sleeps sweetly in his bed. It is scary when you realize it... but it so means that this child belongs to God. We prayed to God and asked him to protect him... He belongs to God. God gave him life, and God knows what day will be his last... I am not sure if these questions are questions of an immature baby Christian - or the true burden carried by many strong Christians - who have looked into God and choice and free will and lots of other deep theological questions.

So - what is the point of prayer? Does God hear? Does God care? YES! YES! YES! I can't think of any examples in the Bible where MORE prayers affected the outcome than one prayer of one person. I stumbled - and I am sure it was not by accident - but by God's appointment on a Max Lucado book called - Everyone Needs a Miracle - HE STILL MOVES STONES- and there was a segment on - you'll never believe it - PRAYER.... Chapter 10 - The Power of a Timid Prayer - When You Wonder If Your Prayers Matter - and guess what - the Bible story is about a father with a sick son seeking a MIRACLE.

The father asked Jesus "IF You can do anything, have compassion on us and help us." The father questioned, and had doubt - IF. Jesus responded "if you believe, all things are possible to him who believes." Wow! All things possible... but sometimes I admit I don't have that kind of belief...This loving father did not either - and the father said, "Lord, I believe; help my unbelief!" - The father wanted to believe - just like I want to believe in the things I pray for... The disciples had tried to heal this boy, and failed... so they asked Jesus in private, "Why?" Why couldn't the disciples heal this child when they were able to help others... Jesus responded, "This kind can come out by nothing but prayer and fasting." Who prayed? Not the disciples - but the father - the one with inadequate faith... a simple cry from a father asking "IF" and wanting to believe - changed everything...

The story is found in Mark 9: 14-29. To sum it up, PRAYER MAKES A DIFFERENCE. Just in case, you ever wondered... and wanted the proof.

So, read Stellan's story (really God's story) if you dare - You will fall in love... because she is just like you and me... and you will PRAY... how could you not? But, if you don't want to hear about a miracle, and obsessively click on her blog and check to see if she has any new news... then don't check it out...

Because of MckMama's blog, I finally decided after a year of thinking about it to write... why? Because I knew that exposing my heart would be hard... but I want to see these miracles recorded in my life. I also wanted to make friends with amazing people like Jennifer - and I wanted my "in real life" friends to learn more of my heart - and for them to share more of theirs with me... so, please post a comment - or I will never know you cared enough to read this...

And about those prayers for SQUASH- it carried us through. It gave us peace to know others were praying. It gave us comfort to pray during the waiting... and Squash is great. He has his cast off, and his hand is healing nicely. As a friend told me today as I showed off his hand, "looks great to me - I never noticed it before." So, it is healing nicely... I think it is still tender. I don't think he has all the strength back yet... but he will be able to wear a wedding ring. Thanks for praying.

p.s. (Couldn't give you the link before - or you would have never read the rest of this blog!


  1. I first saw a post about Baby Stellan on an iVillage board, I am keeping the whole family in my prayers.

  2. We hadn't heard about this family. We'll be praying. Thank you for reminding us about the importance of prayer and the power God makes available to us all the time if we just use it!

  3. Thanks for this post! I, too follow this blog, started last July right when Stellan got sick. That's crazy, didn't know you were a follower too! Glad to hear Squash is doing better and to get to know your heart more!

  4. By the way, LOVE what you've done with your blog! When are you giving classes???