Monday, December 20, 2010

Chronological in One Year...

I finished early! I completed reading the Bible in 1 year TODAY. I had read bits, pieces and most of the Bible before... but never chronologically. Chronologically puts the Bible stories in order based on the timeline of history not in the standard Old Testament then New Testament books of the Bible.

Am I excited? Yes, I completed my goal. Am I proud? No, not exactly. I became a Christian in 1982, and I am just now reading the Bible in order in entirety. I have read Genesis multiple times before stopping, and not completing the goal.

Why read the whole book? Context. Imagine picking up a novel and starting in Chapter 10 then skipping to two pages in Chapter 2, and rushing back to the last chapter... yeah, I know. When you start in Genesis (which is also first chronologically), you begin with creation through to Revelation (the end of God's plan). In the old testament, you understand what sin is, why we need a Savior, why the sacrifices were made in the temple and how Jesus becomes our sacrifice to cleanse us from our sin. You realize the depth of the need for a Savior. You appreciate GRACE and what that means so much more.

Does reading the whole Bible make you a "better" Christian? Depends... I don't feel "better" - I feel the weight of sin in my life more. I feel the need for a Savior more. I feel the need to practice my faith in the world more. I feel the need to excitedly tell others of this GRACE I have found. Am I better? I am more aware of how sick and dirty and sinful my life is really without Jesus. I realize what a blessing and undeserved gift it really was to receive Jesus as my Savior. If I were to make a list of all my sinfulness, and things to do that would please God in my life... the list would be endless. Thankfully, I have a Savior to help me. I have the Holy Spirit to convict me of sin, and I have the Holy Spirit to guide me to make the choices that God wants me to make. It made me "better" aware of all the areas the potter needs to shape me... "better" aware of God's love... "better" aware of who Jesus was and is...

Am I more knowledgeable? No, reading the Bible made me aware of how much more I can learn about the Bible, the customs of the times, history, and Jesus. I could read it a hundred times and learn something new every time... It has increased my desire to learn more. To deepen my studies, and to understand what I have read better.

Do I recommend it? Yes.

Thy Word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against Thee.” Psalm 119:11

For God so loved the world... thank you God for the Bible to show us YOUR WAY!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

for grandparents

We spent October 31st at out Church's annual Trunk or Treat sharing Jesus's love with others. We gave out candy and ate candy. It was a memorable night for all!
The Squash was the Railroad Engineer for all of 10 minutes. He thought it was fun getting candy, but once he had some... he wanted to eat it! Right THEN! He did not want any more candy, and he was very, very selective on what candies he accepted and kept!
Sweet Pea was Cleopatra. This picture was snapped right after she won a contest for prettiest princess. She loved it, and had so much fun!
Pumpkin was a cowboy. He got a gun that used to be his mommy's gun when she was little. He takes really good care of this antique gun, and carries it everywhere I will let him on his belt. Pumpkin could not understand why he did not have a holster to put it in... He loves his cowboy outfit, and had a great night.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I went to see some old friends sing. I left full of WORSHIP.

I went to see the SHOW, but felt the PRESENCE of God.

I went to watch, but was REMINDED of God's grace through the years.

I wanted to touch the singers and cling to them for they brought me near Jesus with their words.  But not really...

REALLY God wanted us there and he used  two incredible people that are just as imperfect as me to show us how to WORSHIP.

I wanted to weep with the TRUTH spoken. I wanted to go back to yesterday, but yesterday was not as great as I remember it. I wanted to go back to that church family where I felt the presence so near. It was a place where I ministered and a place were I was ministered to. But God changed it.

The place exists, but it is all different. The people are different. I am different. I can't go back.

God has created a new harbor for me. A new place to minister and a new place to share God's love with others. Yet I sometimes long for yesterday.... for there were many GOOD yesterdays of WORSHIP and LOVE.

I was reminded though that I did not have to be with those singers or people to feel his PRESENCE - that God was always with me. I remembered though that the amazing thing about GOD's FAMILY is that even though I worshiped with people of YESTERDAY I realized they still are HERE and still WORSHIP even if they are not with me. They WORSHIP and one day we will WORSHIP together again in a better place in the PRESENCE OF GOD AND JESUS....

So YESTERDAY was not so important when I have all of TOMORROWS and TODAY to worship and all of ETERNITY to worship with my FAMILY.

We can't live in YESTERDAY.
We can't live in TOMORROW.
We can't live in ETERNITY.

We can choose to live in TODAY.

Thanks Benji & Jenna for making me a part of the WORSHIP. Thank you to my "new" church that I have gotten to be a part of for more than 5 years. You are my family. 

Pause my tunes to hear this beautiful song of worship.