Wednesday, November 3, 2010

for grandparents

We spent October 31st at out Church's annual Trunk or Treat sharing Jesus's love with others. We gave out candy and ate candy. It was a memorable night for all!
The Squash was the Railroad Engineer for all of 10 minutes. He thought it was fun getting candy, but once he had some... he wanted to eat it! Right THEN! He did not want any more candy, and he was very, very selective on what candies he accepted and kept!
Sweet Pea was Cleopatra. This picture was snapped right after she won a contest for prettiest princess. She loved it, and had so much fun!
Pumpkin was a cowboy. He got a gun that used to be his mommy's gun when she was little. He takes really good care of this antique gun, and carries it everywhere I will let him on his belt. Pumpkin could not understand why he did not have a holster to put it in... He loves his cowboy outfit, and had a great night.

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