Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Encouragement from Mr. Scooter Man

Today - while shopping at our local Sam's club... a man in a scooter came up behind me and my 3 kids. He looked at us, and I thought he was going to move away. He simply said, "Good mother. She brought her kids with her." He said it so fast. My initial thought was "where else would they be?" 

The comment caught me off guard. Before I could respond, he had moved to the next line over on his scooter and was not even looking at me. Later, I was still marveling over the comment. At first, I was thinking - wow - I guess I could have left them home alone or in the hot car... 

Then, I felt encouraged. It was one of the few moments when the kids weren't asking for anything at the check-out line. They were behaving. No trying to climb out of the cart. Sweet Pea had her hand on the cart, and both boys were seated in the cart. Wow! Someone noticed. It felt good. 

Thanks Mr. Scooter man. You made my day. 

p.s. You must not have seen us while I was trying to look at books...

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