Thursday, March 26, 2009

Your Invited to Visit

My Life from my Perspective
Perspective – that is what holds me back from writing. I want to share – my story. Whatever unfolds I want to share my story of how God leads and guides me and my family along the way. I want a Miracle. I want an Amazing Life. I am learning that a miracle and amazing does not mean scaling Mt. Everest (which I have no desire to do). A miracle is God’s presence. The answer to prayer. I prayed for a husband to lead my family, and to be the spiritual leader. God granted this request. It meant leaving a church and church family I loved to find a church to serve – and a new family to love. Now, I am a Deacon’s wife which the Bibles says… . “their wives must be reverent, not slanderers, temperate, faithful in all things.” (from 1 Tim 3:11) Goodness, that is not me – but I am a work in progress. I am trying each day to be more of what God wants me to be. I am excited to see the work God is using my husband to accomplish. I have not felt so in love with God as when I was first introduced to God at the mere age of 9. I want to tell and SCREAM of the wonders that is going on in my life. I CRAVE your prayers as you read this. Prayers that God would use my family and direct us on his path.

Seeking the Narrow Gate. Why this title? I want to live differently – not punk purple hair different – but differently as “not of this world.” I want to have Fruit of the Spirit – (Church language for the ability to show love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.)

I will use this blog to answer the WHYs in my life… perhaps you can share a clearer path with me – take a few stones out of my path with a few kind words or a simple prayer. Share the journey. Things coming up…. Homeschooling? Preschool? Starting a Business? A Dream?

Down the path a bit – I will be learning lots of new things this year – and if you read my blog – you will be the the “know” or one of the first to know… I want to open my Etsy shop (Mere Rubies & Trifles). I want to learn to homeschool my daughter as God leads me. (First I have to find out if homeschool is one word or two – “home school”). SURPRISE – Yes, we have decided to homeschool Sweet Pea next year. I am exploring which preschool to send my son, Pumpkin . Did I mention I have visited NINE – yes, 9… I don’t take very lightly who will be teaching my son.

Did I mention that I will be using their online names instead of their real ones? Meet Sweet Pea – the first adorable daughter we had – who taught me patience as we waited two years to conceive her. Then, there is Pumpkin – I never knew I could love a boy so much. Now, there is Squash – well, being #3 – means you get squashed A LOT. Hence, he is the one who got stitches on his first birthday party. Besides, squash are ripe and juicy – and so great fried! Believe it or not, these are their real nicknames. They don’t answer to them, but they know them as nicknames… so, if you want to “follow” me on this journey. You can….

Tomorrow I will tell you about “Seeking the Narrow Gate.” (or whenever I get around to it).

p.s. I love to read and to learn… so as I “learn” something new this year I will share it. If you leave me comments, I will be so excited that someone bothered to read this.


  1. Hi, It's Silvia. I just wanted to let you know that I bothered to read your blog. It's great.

  2. Hi Andrea! What a great blog. This is just another way God is using you my friend. I am convinced you will reach others by your words.

  3. Great work! You're off to an amazing start! Thanks for sharing your heart here. I know it will be a fun journey to see what God is teaching you! Blogging is like free therapy to me, you can follow me too at

  4. Andrea,
    I just wanted to tell you that I was blessed by reading your words... especially "a miracle is God's presence", so right! To think that he meets with us, and invites us to share our journey and hearts with him! I appreciate the "real" quality in what you are be honest and true about who you are and who God is calling you (and all of us) to be. I will be waiting to see where he leads you and your family...

  5. My dear friend Andrea, you have managed to inspire me once again with you loving words of wisdom! I know you didn't post this site for cudo's but to give God the glory, so I will try to refrain! The only thing I can say is that you are a super woman of God and thank you for your "genuine" freindship my little coffee pal!

  6. Hi Andrea! Thank you for sending me your link! Its been so long since we've emailed! I'm going to enjoy reading about your little ones :-) I just have lots of PHD and life boring-ness in my blog :-)